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Thom Kaz
With over 20 years of experience in the field of personal development and peak performance training, Thom has worked to develop new techniques and strategies to help athletes, business professionals and those individuals who are seeking a higher level of personal performance. Thom’s diverse list of clients include actors, sports professionals, business executives and corporations that understand the importance of establishing goal oriented objectives and recognize the opportunity to train and develop the mental skill sets to support those initiatives.

Combining a unique blend of sports and business development experience, traditional medical experience, peak performance coaching and clinical hypnotherapy . Thom has mastered the ability to work with individuals or groups to share his innovative techniques and programs for personal achievement. A highly sought after speaker and trainer, Thom shares his experience and unique training methods with individuals, groups and corporations seeking to develop a higher level of performance. He has worked with PGA, LPGA, Collegiate, and High School Golfers as well as celebrities and business professionals on improving their mindset, performance and developing the proper mental skills to achieve their personal potential. His integration of technology with traditional mental coaching offers an innovative and simple approach to achieving the mental skills necessary to achieve a players true potential.

Mental Edge Golf
Mental Edge Golf is a unique mental training program that integrates education and application to train the fundamentals needed to achieve maximum performance and consistency while lowering scores. A graduate of the National Guild and a Master Practitioner of NLP and Peak Performance Coaching Institute, the Mental Edge Golf program is designed to introduce golfers at any level to the necessary principles and strategies to get the most out of their individual performance. Thom’s Mental Edge Golf column was featured in several National and International publications and he has appeared on television and radio sharing the powerful mental training secrets used by professionals and low handicap amateurs across the globe. 

Mental Edge Golfs unique “Train the Brain” programs offer specific training tracks such as “Eliminate Execution Errors”, “Developing Confidence off the Tee Box” and “Putt like a Pro”, which are among the 12 hours of mental training offered by the program. 

Mental Edge Golf is based out of Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas alongside the Butch Harmon School of Golf. The program is delivered through a series of online training sessions and personal coaching to maximize the students ability to apply the training in a real world environment. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you work with corporate groups, tournaments or other golf related special events? 
Yes, Mental Edge Golf has a variety of ways to serve our customers in those settings. We also provide speakers and guest instructors to events around the United States seeking an innovative topic that blends life skills, business skills and the Mental Edge Golf philosophy to improve their sales or business related event. Please contact us directly to share your event goals and we will have one of our special events specialists schedule a time to discuss how we can help. 
How is Mental Edge Golf different than other mental coaching programs?
We're glad you asked. We have studied everything available on the subject of mental golf performance and we gained some valuable information as a result. But one thing we noticed was that most books or programs gave the you the what but now the how. We do both and we deliver it online via our virtual training platform and our personal coaching sessions. We created an innovative way to add application and biofeedback to MEG education so our clients don't have to wonder if it's working. They can see the results for themselves which is a real confidence booster and performance enhancement on its own. 
I am interested in becoming a Certified Mental Edge Golf coach, where do I get more information? 
Mental Edge Golf is actively seeking interested golf instructors or entrepreneurs that would like to be trained and certified to offer MEG coaching in their markets. The selection process begins with your inquiry and you can start by sending a personal e mail to along with your resume and interest in the program. Certified coaches will be provided a personal replicated website, training in all modalities, a complete set of our tools and technology plus marketing and sales support to help them launch seminars and events in their market. 
So there's both online training and personal coaching, what If I don't live where there's a Mental Edge Golf coach yet?
We're glad you asked! Any player will gain tremendous insight, understanding and training from our online MEG Virtual Training platform. It was designed to provide 24/7 access to any of our clients so they can listen, watch or enjoy a 20 minute stress break while listening to the AdvantEDGE Training Tracks. The online program includes everything you need to learn to get better. We have clients that schedule personal skype sessions, attend webinars and some even attend our events here in Las Vegas so they get the full training experience with our technology and personal attention. Rest assured, the online program is the core of everything we do and is our foundation for the rest of the program.
I am a new, inexperienced player, can Mental Edge Golf help me?
Absolutely! In fact, the training will help you to develop the proper mindset and mental skills that will reduce frustration while you enjoy the process of learning the game. This will help you to stay focused on execution and learning the mechanics of the swing. You will also learn how to get the most out of your practice and coaching sessions by applying what you learn in the Mental Edge Golf program. When your mechanics catch up with your mental game, you will be a more balanced player with a physical and mental game plan every time you practice or play. That's what EVERY player should strive for, a balanced approach to the game. 
I am an experienced player and have thought about competing at a high level, how can MEG help me? 
Mental Edge Golf training is designed to help any player at any level develop their mental game. As a professional or high level player, the tools and techniques we provide are going to help you practice getting into peak state and maintaining that state while you compete. The professionals we have worked with enjoy seeing their progress on the various tools and technology we provide at MEG and they enjoy access to our online resources. Our players have a personal mental coach at their fingertips no matter what level they play currently and we do have a few success stories to share if you're interested!
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