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Virtual Training
Mental Edge Golf Online Academy offers over 60 Audio and Video Lessons Available 24/7 anywhere, anytime on any device.  Each track uses special music and guided imagery to help you build a strong mental approach to your game.
Personal Coaching
Our personal coaching packages can work for any player, at any level, to learn not only what but how to develop a mental approach that works for their level and style of play. Our 5-Step System identifies your personal mental strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity then provides both the education and resources to improve your mental and physical performance.
Our clients range from PGA Tour Professionals to amateurs in high school and college who dream of making it to the PGA or LPGA one day. Our 5-Step Process can be taught and administered remotely and we host weekly webinars with pro's, top coaches and clients from all over the world.
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Taking Your Game to the Next Level
This program is designed to help you understand your game and to see it differently.  Not just your physical game but your mental game.  Of course both games have their place and are absolutely necessary for consistently good performance.  But, when it comes to your swing mechanics and your physical game, we would encourage you to work with your local PGA professionals so that you can develop the proper swing mechanics to support these newly found mental habits.  
What Golfers Are Saying
Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say:
“Working with Mental Edge Golf has been an experience that has given me an understanding of not just what to do but actually how to do it!
I've learned to train my mind in a completely different way and my game has improved as a result.”
Jimmy Brandt
Golf Professional &  Big Break TV Show 1st Runner Up.
I've been in the field of personal development for over 27 years and I am also an avid golfer. What Thom at Mental Edge Golf has put together is simply amazing. Deep down inside, every golfer knows that their problem isn’t really their driver but what is actually driving  them. The problem is that professional mental coaching is simply out of the reach of most golfers. So, if they truly want to play better golf,  they try something on their own which ends up leaving them a bit confused about how to apply the information they've read. To truly improve your game, you have to approach both the physical and the mental game to get better. There's no getting around it. With Mental Edge Golf you get a proven mind/body program that really helps give you what you need, an edge. Whether you want to compete on the PGA  tour or just score well on the weekend, Mental Edge Golf has it all
Patrick K. Porter
 Ph.D. Author/ Speaker/Peak Performance Expert 
"I've heard golf is 90% mental dozens of times; but would put all of my time into the physical aspect of golf to gain an advantage and lower scores, along with nearly every other player. Now that I am committed to Mental Edge Golf, I am learning how to improve my mental game to allow myself to play great on a regular basis and eliminate mistakes on and off the course. I truly believe this 
program is the key to taking me and any dedicated golfer to the next level in our games."
Golf  Professional & Big Break TV Show Contestant.
Golf is a mind game, Mental Edge Golf allows me to train and strengthen the strongest tool we have, our brain. I want the sharpest mind I can have when I walk onto the course and since I began my training I believe I have that to use to my advantage." 
Toph Peterson
Golf Professional &  Big Break TV Show 1st Runner Up. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you work with corporate groups, tournaments or other golf related special events? 
Yes, Mental Edge Golf has a variety of ways to serve our customers in those settings. We also provide speakers and guest instructors to events around the United States seeking an innovative topic that blends life skills, business skills and the Mental Edge Golf philosophy to improve their sales or business related event. Please contact us directly to share your event goals and we will have one of our special events specialists schedule a time to discuss how we can help. 
How is Mental Edge Golf different than other mental coaching programs?
We're glad you asked. We have studied everything available on the subject of mental golf performance and we gained some valuable information as a result. But one thing we noticed was that most books or programs gave the you the what but now the how. We do both and we deliver it online via our virtual training platform and our personal coaching sessions. We created an innovative way to add application and biofeedback to MEG education so our clients don't have to wonder if it's working. They can see the results for themselves which is a real confidence booster and performance enhancement on its own. 
I am interested in becoming a Certified Mental Edge Golf coach, where do I get more information? 
Mental Edge Golf is actively seeking interested golf instructors or entrepreneurs that would like to be trained and certified to offer MEG coaching in their markets. The selection process begins with your inquiry and you can start by sending a personal e mail to along with your resume and interest in the program. Certified coaches will be provided a personal replicated website, training in all modalities, a complete set of our tools and technology plus marketing and sales support to help them launch seminars and events in their market. 
So there's both online training and personal coaching, what If I don't live where there's a Mental Edge Golf coach yet?
We're glad you asked! Any player will gain tremendous insight, understanding and training from our online MEG Virtual Training platform. It was designed to provide 24/7 access to any of our clients so they can listen, watch or enjoy a 20 minute stress break while listening to the AdvantEDGE Training Tracks. The online program includes everything you need to learn to get better. We have clients that schedule personal skype sessions, attend webinars and some even attend our events here in Las Vegas so they get the full training experience with our technology and personal attention. Rest assured, the online program is the core of everything we do and is our foundation for the rest of the program.
I am a new, inexperienced player, can Mental Edge Golf help me?
Absolutely! In fact, the training will help you to develop the proper mindset and mental skills that will reduce frustration while you enjoy the process of learning the game. This will help you to stay focused on execution and learning the mechanics of the swing. You will also learn how to get the most out of your practice and coaching sessions by applying what you learn in the Mental Edge Golf program. When your mechanics catch up with your mental game, you will be a more balanced player with a physical and mental game plan every time you practice or play. That's what EVERY player should strive for, a balanced approach to the game. 
I am an experienced player and have thought about competing at a high level, how can MEG help me? 
Mental Edge Golf training is designed to help any player at any level develop their mental game. As a professional or high level player, the tools and techniques we provide are going to help you practice getting into peak state and maintaining that state while you compete. The professionals we have worked with enjoy seeing their progress on the various tools and technology we provide at MEG and they enjoy access to our online resources. Our players have a personal mental coach at their fingertips no matter what level they play currently and we do have a few success stories to share if you're interested!
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